Kim – I’m all over the place

If you’ve read the About Us page, you know this is true…LOL.  But I’m also all over the place on the internet, so I thought I’d post a few links for those that might be interested.  🙂

For homeschooling/unschooling personal/family type posts, I’m at:



Writing & Photography

My Website




For Austin Social Networking

My writing at Examiner

My Facebook page for Austin Social Networking

My Tattoo Passion/Addiction

My writing at Examiner

Inked in the South

My Facebook page for Inked in the South

My Twitter for Inked in the South

I’m also on many of the smaller social networks… yes, I’m a social networking addict!  😀  So if there’s one that you are a member of, drop me a line or a comment and I’ll let you know where you can find me on that particular network!  😀


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