First trip of homeschooling :)

So Chris won’t be with us, but we’re going on our first homeschooling trip.  Well, the trip is a necessity, but I’m learning to turn the necessity of driving from deep south to the midwest into a learning opportunity.  The twins are only five, so they probably won’t retain much about it, but they’ll have photos for later.  🙂

Our current plan is to leave Wednesday, spend the night in Dallas with my sister.  It’s a 21 hour drive from here, so that will put us 6 hours into it.  No real plan to see any sights on that leg of the journey, as it’s one we make often enough.  But if the weather’s nice, I may take the time for some shots (photography) that I’m always wanting to make along that trip.

Thursday, we’ll make our way through Oklahoma and on to Springfield, Missouri.  It’s only about 7 hours from Dallas, so that gives us time for sight-seeing, photography, writing, and learning along the way.   I hope to drive through Anna (where we lived in Dallas long, long ago… okay, well, it was only 4 years ago, but hey…LOL).  I have a friend in Durant, OK that I’d like to see, and one in Siloam Springs, AR.  But I think that will be on the way back, where our timing may be a little more flexible.  Springfield appears to be a very historical place, so I’ve scoured the web for where to go and what to see.  If anyone has suggestions, please drop me a line!  😀

Friday will put us back on the road, through Missouri and to our destination in Illinois, another 7 hours, give or take.  I’m trying to allow for some photography again on this leg of the trip, as Hwy 44 merges with Route 66 for a while, and it appears to be a pretty scenic route.  It’s been YEARS since we’ve traveled somewhere like this, so I’m trying to allow for plenty of time to really enjoy the trip, as well as keeping it frugal.

We could probably make the trip in one shot, but we’d be haggard (we’re not as young as we once were), and there would be no time to learn anything along the way.  So I did the research, and have found a pretty good hotel for $45 (with membership code, which I’d already sent off for).  We’ll be packing easy-to-eat food, snacks and drinks, and will have a fridge and microwave wherever we stay.  Of course, we’ll also have an internet connection, since that’s a MUST HAVE for me.  🙂  Since the first night stay is with my sister, that portion fits in the frugality category, too.  😀

We’re combining the necessity of this trip with a homeschoooling and frugal mind and see where it leads us.  I wish we had a camper/motorhome, but it’s just too soon for that.  I’m incredibly excited about this trip, though… and not sweating that on the trip there, it’s all about getting done what needs to be done.  But planning to pay enough attention that on the way back, I can capture anything that slips through the cracks on the way up.  😀

Once again, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!  😀


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