Illinois Trip Day 2

Dallas to Springfield, MO

We left Dallas around 9am.  We had a slight snag, as I thought I’d locked up and left my phone inside my sister’s house, but my resourceful husband figured out how to get it.  🙂

We drove North, noting how some things looked the same and some things had changed.  This was hubby’s first time in Dallas since we moved on New Year’s Day 2007, under very stressful circumstances (we lost our business and our house).  I wasn’t sure how this would feel, and I’m very nostalgic, but practical at the same time, so I’m never really sure which side will win out.  😛  As could probably be expected, it was bittersweet.  We actually had a long conversation about it, which was nice… sometimes we avoid a certain subject like the plague because there are so many hard memories attached, and because we look at things differently.  Dallas, and our business, is one of those subjects.  🙂

We stopped at the outlet mall in Allen and waited until 10:00 for them to open.  Hubby didn’t like his choices of what to wear for the interview, so he bought an Oakley polo to go with his khaki trousers.  🙂  Great price, and of course, I think it looks great on him!

After that, we headed north on I-75.  Kody was asleep, but Kyle was awake, so we pointed out the hospital where they were born (McKinney Medical Center).  We also detoured (after several minutes of debate) through the neighborhood in Anna where we lived.  We drove by the old house.  Several tugs on the heartstrings… which I put away by pointing out the HOA (that I hated)…lol.  We drove by the schools and up through Van Alstyne to get back to the highway, and were on the road again.

In no time, we were in Oklahoma, and driving through surprisingly pretty terrain.  I had thought we’d be on an interstate, so I wasn’t prepared for the little towns and the rolling hills.  There were so many things there that I really wanted to see, but as it was the first leg of the trip, we didn’t make any detours.  We just drove and appreciated the scenery.  🙂

We stopped in Pryor, OK – their sign proclaims a town for all seasons – to take a break and go into WalMart.  I had brought the boys’ TAG books (books with a pen that will read the story, or just individual words, to them), brought a battery charger… but forgot the batteries.  It was a pretty little town, what we saw of it.  😛

Eventually, we made it into Missouri.  We’d decided to stop for the  night in Springfield, MO.  Got settled into the hotel (not impressed with the America’s Best Value Inn, but it was cheap and clean, so we stayed), then we drove around town a bit.  On a tip from a friend, we checked out the Battlefield Mall.  This was a neat mall… a mall wrapped in a mall.  🙂  The inside was very typical, with stores and kiosks.  The neat part was that there were shops wrapped around the mall.  Think of an outdoor mall, or a strip mall.  This was what the outside of the mall looked like.  If I was into shopping, I would have been in heaven.  😉  As it was, we spent an hour or so walking around, checking it out, window shopping.

Afterward, we went to Backyard Burgers.  They have them in Texas (we saw some in Allen), but not in Victoria.  They have every night is kid’s night, so a family of 4 ate for $17.  And the burgers and waffle fries were great!  🙂  There were a few more sights I really wanted to see in Springfield (Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, the town square (where in July 1865, was the site of the nation’s first recorded shootout between “Wild Bill” Hickock and Dave Tutt), the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge, and the Birthplace of Route 66, and Fantastic Caverns.  But we decided that we needed to head on out in the morning, so we bypassed those.  We’ll see if we get to or through some of them on the way back.  🙂

Good night all…


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