Illinois Trip Day 4

Galesburg, IL

Today was Tom’s interview with Joe… the main reason for our trip… and my visit with Tracie.

Tom’s interview seems to have gone well.  Joe said that he felt that Tom was a good fit for the company, he just doesn’t know where he wants to put him.  He’s considering him for a Service Manager position, or for the Estimating/Project Management position.  We’re a little confused, as this talk went different from the ones they’d had on the phone.  🙂  He told Tom that it would be a 4-6 week decision making process, and they’d go from there, so we’re back on hold to see how it turns out.

Today was also Tracie’s visit.  It’s funny…  I was super-excited to see her, but also a little nervous, as it’s so hard to know if you’ll just “connect” as adults with all the differing life experiences.  But it was amazing, and made me realize that no matter what you go through as adults, I always have a special place in my heart for my childhood friends.  Tracie’s grown up to be a beautiful woman (no surprise there), and a wonderful mom.  We did a little nostalgic trip down memory lane, filling in memories and names with surprising ease.  Then we caught up on what’s been going on in our lives, and I found it was just as easy to tell her about the hard stuff as it was the easy stuff.  Maybe it’s because she’s been through some hard stuff, too… or maybe it’s just who she is… who I am.  🙂  But it was an amazing day.  We took the kiddos to lunch at Jalisco Mexican Restaurant.  I have to say, it is the absolute, without a doubt, worst salsa I’ve ever had in my life.  It tasted like tomato soup with onions cut up in it.  That worried me for the food… but it was really good!  Not Tex-Mex (I’ve been spoiled there), but very good, all in all.  Service was great, iced tea served with a slice of lime (I actually like it better than lemon), chips were fresh.  I had a chimichanga smothered in cheese, refried beans and rice.  The boys had cheese enchiladas, and a taste of theirs proved just as good as mine.  We had enough left for everyone for dinner, too.  BONUS!  😛

Back to my visit, Kody has a huge crush on Tracie’s daughter 🙂 and both Kody & Kyle had a lot of fun playing with her youngest.  Her middle son wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed in the room with my hubby and they each caught up with the Sandman.  We had to cut our visit a little short as she wanted to get him home and in his bed, but it was a great day!!!

The nerves, the pool and whirlpool, and the drive caught up to the rest of us this evening and we all went to sleep about 5pm til 10pm.  So here we are, all wide awake at 1:30am, when we are planning to leave in the morning… LOL.  That’s the way it goes with our family, though… go go go crash.  🙂

Tomorrow, we’ll drive around town again, take some photographs and pick up the Sunday newspaper before we leave.  Oh, and the housing prices here?  Unbelievable!!!!  Want to live in an 1890’s era 4 bedroom home in a nice area, blocks to downtown?  $42K.  Yeah!  Thought Texas was affordable… even Ganado is so much higher than here!

Overall impressions of the town?  I can see myself living here, teaching the boys to cross-country ski, ice skate, and snow mobile in the winter…  I can’t imagine yet what it would be like to live somewhere where it snows, but I can see me enjoying it.  So, we’ll see… it’s time to just sit back and let life happen for a bit.  We’ll see what happens as Joe evaluates Tom’s skills and references, and whether there’s an offer in the making or not.  Really can’t do anything until then.  Then we’ll decide.  🙂

Hope to post some pics tomorrow to show you this charming little town in the spring.  It’s 2:30am, and we still haven’t made our plans, so I guess we need to get on that.  We’re not heading out at 7am, though, so I’m not worried.  We’ll figure it out.


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