ReThinking Everything Conference – Are you going?

I’m researching conferences in Texas, with my purpose in mind… basically an eclectic homeschooler and/or unschooler.  This conference looks like it’s exactly what I’m looking for… but even with the early bird discount, it would cost too much for this currently unemployed/underemployed family of five.  I am looking into volunteer opportunities to help reduce the fees, and see what I could possibly re-arrange to afford to attend the conference, but wanted to hear from people who have been or are planning to go this year.

For those of you who have gone before, is this a “MUST DO” event for your family?  I’ve read and re-read the pages many times, so I feel like I know what is going to be happening.  My sister lives in Dallas, so I could potentially save on the cost of a hotel, but the registration alone is what’s making it really tough.  We have 2 five-year-olds, and a thirteen year old, plus hubby & I.  Hubby and I can volunteer, but that still leaves three full registration prices.

I haven’t completely decided against going… I’m still running numbers, trying to see if I can make it work, but I wondered what other homeschoolers on a budget are thinking?

Thanks in advance for the input!  🙂

Oh, and if this conference is not on your radar of things you must do this year… what is?


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