Deschooling the first week

I initially planned on one week of de-schooling, then waffled to two, then backed way up to a few days (as Chris seemed eager to start).  He’s now lived with us for a full week.  We haven’t done anything formally, other than to go to the library and pick up a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows.  He only had five chapters left, and he’s read two since he’s been here.  I haven’t been pushing hard, because I did want to give him some time to adjust to our family life, as well as decompress a bit.  We’ve had a few short lessons, mostly instigated by a question Chris asked.  After which I pointedly remarked upon the lessons afterward, partially for his benefit (so he’ll understand that even on days without structure, we are always learning), and partially for Tom’s benefit (so he can see the learning taking place).

One instance was a civics lesson while we discussed homeschooling laws, and Tom and I talked about daytime curfews, etc.  Chris began asking questions, and we talked about the importance of voting, of letting our voices be heard, and participating in the community and elections.  We talked a little about his interests for future career possibilities, and volunteering as a way to further those interests, as well as help out in the community.  Viola, there was our good citizenship lesson… 😀

It helps each day to remind myself of our mindset, of taking the time to answer questions fully and mindfully.

In other news… today we decided to purchase an AMAZING play set from the Re-Store here in Victoria!!  We’re getting it for “a steal”, and it’s HUGE!  Just what the boys need to keep them active and playing outside!  I’ll take pictures during construction, and once it’s finished.  Chris and Dad will do most of the building, I’m sure, with Mom & the twins lending a hand here and there.  So here’s an engineering lesson for the weekend.  😀  Then hopefully we can put our shed up (another engineering & assembly lesson) so we can finish up this stage in the home construction…

Hope to be going to the park in the morning to meet some other homeschoolers here in Victoria.  I never did hear back on the list whether they were still going or not, so we’ll see how it looks in the morning.  They meet at 10:00, though, so I really need to be getting to bed… it’s already 1:30!!!  Good night all!

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