This week in our crazy lives

So this week has been interesting… we’re midway through it, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all that I had planned.  I’ve had several days where I planned too much, and a couple where what I planned took a lot longer than I originally planned…

Monday was remodeling day.  I spent the day pulling everything out of the gameroom-turned-classroom, and painted over the awful metallic-type bright blue that was on the walls.  I discovered too late that there were still some bad spots, but as my husband is gone until June 15th, so I just painted right over them (embarrassed giggle).  We then refurnished our newly beige/khaki colored room, and I put the educational posters that I purchased last week on the walls.  I’m pretty sure I’m still wearing paint, although I’ve showered every night since then.  🙂

Tuesday we were on the go.  I had an early appointment, and was back home around 10:30.  We didn’t make it to the Library or the Zoo, but we did make it to the least educational of my planned trips (hahahaha).  We went to see How to Train Your Dragon (finally).  I have to say that was one of the cutest movies I’ve seen in a while.  The boys loved it, and so did I.  We talked a lot about what it would be like if we had our own dragons.  Not a whole lot educational there, but maybe I can translate it into a study of the vikings.  😛

Wednesday, I knew I needed to go grocery shopping, and really *should* run some errands in town.  But I was tired of the house being such a mess… so I decided to start my “spring cleaning”.  As I sit here at nearly 1:00am (Central Time), my living room is an unqualified disaster.  I finally dug out my yearbooks to refresh my memories before my 20th high school reunion (eeekkk).  I have had the washer and dryer going all day… I think I’m on about load 8, but I suddenly realized that I hadn’t done the sheets & spreads in… well, more than a week, and I try to do them at least once a week.  So we drug everything out, and I’ve had them going all day.  We unpacked Chris’s room completely, talked about how to rearrange it best for him, got the remaining “storage” stuff out of there, and put everything in it’s place.  🙂  We now have a better idea of what we need to get for him to decorate it accordingly, and I hope (I haven’t mentioned it to him yet, but…) to allow him to pick the color for his room tomorrow while we are in town.  I also want to do some window-shopping (it may be another few weeks before we can buy it, but I want some ideas) for his room decor – bed spread, window valance, etc.  This way, I can get an idea of how to decorate his room to make it “his”.  But, I digress… to get back to the point, I also decided I was sick of the master bedroom having one wall lined with boxes of paperwork, etc.  So I also carried out one filing cabinet from our 4th bedroom (which is currently a storage room) and spent several hours reviewing all of those papers, throwing a bunch out and filing the rest.  I have to admit, after doing all that, the filing cabinet will have to be organized, as I have files in “groups”, but in no real order, but I don’t have the patience to continue with all that filing and paperwork tonight.  🙂

One thing I have found is that for someone who LOVES photography, I do NOT have good organizational skills on my photographs.  Anyways, I’m hoping I can convince my daughter to give me a couple of her days off next week to help me go through them and start placing them in photo albums so I can remove the boxes completely and know that they’re at least somewhat organized and can be revisited, instead of sitting in boxes under and around my bed.

I’ve also discovered that Chris is going to learn much better with more structure.  I think once I get the ABEKA curriculum next month, I’ll have a much better idea of how to develop it as a guideline and I think he’ll be much more comfortable.  He seems, right now, to be anxious about our relaxed style.  But he’s only been here 3 weeks – not even quite that – so I’m still discovering things every day.  That’s what I love about homeschooling, though… if something’s not working, then we try something else…

On another note, the twins have been playing with their sight word cards every day.  They’re starting to “get” the whole phonics thing, and sounding out the letters – especially Kyle – so that’s been fun.  I’m still wanting to pick up the 100 Easy Lessons book at the library when we finally make it, though.  🙂

So, that’s pretty much it this week.  It’s 1:30am, and I’m ready for bed… trying to decide if I’m going to make some semblance of order out of this living room, or go to sleep and get it done tomorrow.  What would you do?  🙂


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