Lending Library & Life Lessons

We ran errands yesterday in town (including a stop by Marantha’s Book Store to check on a wayward book), and made it home.  Twenty minutes later, I get a call that Chris’s book made it in at Marantha’s.  Planned to go out today to pick it up, but then got a call from the Library, my Lending Library requests had made it in.  🙂  Realized we were also nearly out of dog and cat food, so we decided to make the trek back into town.  Went by Marantha’s and picked up Chris’s book (he’s sooo excited, and frequently read aloud from the book on the way back).  Then made the stop by the library, where I turned in several of the books I was finished with, picked up some new books and books on CD, DVDs – one’s a Franklin (the turtle) on Sight Words for the boys, one’s Multiplication Rocks, which is a DVD that teaches the times tables by son (it may be a bit “young” for Chris, but if the tunes are catchy, he’ll hopefully memorize the times tables… and maybe the boys will even remember the tunes so they can apply them once they get old enough to understand what they’re saying), and the other is Baby’s First Signs.  That one’s young for each of them, but hoping that as long as they don’t get too distracted by it’s targeted age group, that we can start learning ASL.  🙂

My Lending Library books are:  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (which is different enough from phonics that I’m a little concerned about which to put in use now… although this book seems pretty amazing, so I’ll have to study more and debate).  It’s designed to have 20 minute lessons every day, 100 lessons and your child will know how to read.  BUT it starts off using a phonic alphabet, so I have to wonder how well the boys will adapt to that, when they’ve already started with sounding out words from a “regular” alphabet.  If you have used phonics and/or this book, I’d love to hear you weigh in on your preference.  The next one is My Life as a Traveling Homeschooler… very neat book written by the nearly 11-year-old Jenifer Goldman, telling (in a child’s words) about her experiences traveling to Free Schools, Democratic Schools, and other alternative schools.  And the third is something I’ve been very interested in… Creating Learning Communities.  I haven’t read anything in this one yet, but I’m anxious to start.

My audio books are:  Eats, Shoots & Leaves (for me, and Chris… about grammar and proper punctuation in writing), Shel Silverstein’s poems read aloud, and a History of the Renaissance.  Don’t know how much luck I’ll have getting the kids to pay attention to the history lesson, but there’s certainly no use in *not* trying.  🙂  They’re all interested in knights, swords, and things Renaissance, so we’ll see how that goes.

I talked to Chris’s mom yesterday, and she asked how homeschool was going.  It’s funny, because I know well how we’re doing.  The answer is that it’s going pretty well.  We’re just starting to get into the routine of homeschooling, and he’s been learning a lot, but without actual “quantifiers” (worksheets and tests), I sometimes have a hard time backing the statement up.  Of course, that’s why I have this blog… so I can back up that we are learning constantly.  🙂  I also mentioned his online pre-algebra course that will start when he returns home from his visit.

Which reminds me… just a quick note that we also did a math lesson in the car.  Chris wants either a Nintendo DSi XL, or an iPod Touch for his birthday.  So, without a calendar, we figured approximately how many weeks until his birthday (18), and if he wanted to save approximately $50 (he’ll need more, but we used that as an example), he would need to save at least $4/week.  More is better.  We talked about why he’d want to do it that way, rather than focusing on saving all of his allowance for several weeks, and how that could make him feel deprived, and want to “blow it” the first time he saw something that he wanted.  Life Lesson there, not just math.  Hoping if I reinforce it enough, I can teach my remaining children to make saving money a part of their daily lives.  He also had to add up his purchases today (he had $35 from allowances and short baby-sitting stints), and make sure that he had enough to purchase what he wanted (and that changed frequently while shopping… hehehehe).

That’s it for now.  I may be back with more later with news on his new small business.  🙂

This week is my high school reunion (not going to the formal reunions, but am planning to see lots of people at the less formal gatherings) and Chris’s visit with mom.  Hubby comes home Monday… I’m soooo excited (and relieved)!  I may be offline for a few days, but I’ll be back at it early next week for sure!  🙂


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