Update on Progress (Long Post)

This post is a long one… an update on our current family plans and things that have been running through my head.  I need to get them out of my head and in concrete form to hopefully hold myself accountable.  🙂  So, really, this post is for me… please encourage me on my journey.

Tristan comes home today for his summer visit.  Yay!  Tom has been gone a month, and comes home today also!  Yay!  He has quit smoking for 30 days now, and hopes to continue this at home.  I am all for it!!!  And completely terrified.  🙂  But that’s the nature of addiction, I guess.  Today is my last day smoking.  Today I am throwing away all remaining cigarettes, cleaning and hiding all ashtrays, getting rid of all but a couple of lighters (we still need to burn our trash, and have a fireplace and grill, so I’ll get rid of most of them).  I’ll be trying to go cold turkey, but am willing to go the nicotine gum or replacement patches route if it keeps me from smoking and I get desperate.  I’ve been a smoker for 23 years, more if you count the experimenting stage.  Ugh!  I’m so ready to quit!!  I have celery sticks, need to pick up some carrots, and need to get more gum.  We still have a ton of hard candy, so that’s good.

Once we go shopping next, I’m going on a hunt for healthy food.  This last weekend, I stayed with a good friend of mine and her fiancee, and they are “on a health food kick”.  I felt so good the whole time I was at their house, so although I’ve tried this a few times before, I’m going to try again.  🙂  I’m going to try switching to soy milk for my coffee (instead of my sugar-laden, high-fat creamer), agave nectar instead of sugar for coffee and hopefully tea.  We’ll eat a lot more salads and green veggies, and cut down on the processed foods and meats.  I’ve taken a hint from them, too, and realized that I can continue to purchase some of our favorite meals and have them from time to time (we did have burger night at their house), and we’ll feel less deprived in the long run.  It’s more expensive and more time consuming to eat this way, but it’s so much better for us, and both Tom and I need to lose weight and balance our nutrition… and the boys need to learn healthy eating habits.  So I’ll do what I can to reinforce those.  I’m also hoping that Tom and I will start walking either at dawn or dusk… even if it’s just around our neighborhood a time or two.  If we can join the YMCA, that would be even better… but there are things we can do here, too.  Tom also needs help with sleep, so I’m going to see if I can find Melatonin, and St. Johns Wort to help even our moods.

I’m also beginning my research in earnest for holistic healing, through vitamins, herbs, and supplements.  I’ve dabbled here and there, reading things but not really trying to put them in action.  Again, talking with my friends this weekend reminded me that we can all take small steps and get there.  So right now is my time for action.  I want to be healthy.  I want my family to be healthy.  So we’ll begin taking small steps to get us there.  If you have resources for me (especially free! LOL), please let me know… I need all the help I can get!!!

I wonder… I had big plans to plant a garden this year… but for one reason and another, I never did.  Can I still plant a garden in July in South Texas heat?  If you know the answer to this, please please weigh in…  If I discover that I can’t, then I’ll plan a fall garden.  Either way, I need to plan.  We have a trip scheduled at the end of this month, so starting it before mid-July just really isn’t an option.

So there are just a few of my plans to get started on a couple of  facets of our “dream life”.  🙂  I’ll try to update you on our progress as we go along.


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