Completely OT – Pinups

For those of you who come here from my Victoria Advocate blog, you may have already seen this… so this is for everyone else.  🙂

Completely off topic, but I ❤ Photography.  I’ve always been interested in glamour photography, and then I found pinup photography.  Now I’m doubly in love!!!  I am in talks with the owner of a company, Sweet Tart Pinups to do potentially offer their style photography throughout the U.S. (as a photographer/representative).  Due to our lifestyle (homeschooling, traveling), it is a possibility… and one that I’m interested in exploring.  What a job!  To travel, make women see how beautiful they are, and providing them with photos that are gorgeous!!

So, if you have a moment, and don’t mind participating in some unofficial market research, please visit their website… and then come back and tell me what you think.  Do you love it?  Would you be interested in booking something like this if you knew the photographer could come to you?  Or would you be more comfortable traveling to a permanent studio?  What do you think?


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