Homeschooling this week

This week’s plans:

1.  Chris to start pre-algebra

2.  Trip to library to exchange books & videos.  The twins ROCKED at sign language with the last one, so we’ll be continuing with those videos.

3.  Planning for trip to FL.  Plan History and Geography lessons around trip.  Also planning some marine science lessons in there (for our trips to the beach).

4.  Basic math… have Chris & Tristan help calculate cost of our trip, based on mileage and staying one night over at a hotel.

5.  English/grammar lessons – work with me on my English classes (tailoring to fit Chris’s level)

6.  Continue working with Kyle and Kody on sight words and learning to read.

I’ll also be working on my Social Science, Humanities and English Classes, and will probably incorporate some of my work into lessons for the kiddos.  🙂

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!


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