New to Us RV

Outside View 1 of camper

Here's one side

So we have our second RV now.  Yay!!!

Outside View 2 of camper

Outside View 2

Long story short:  hubby was in line behind a very nice man at the store the other day, talking on the phone with an electrician about fixing a service issues and some wiring.  He’d gotten a quote of $800.  He didn’t have $800, explained to the guy that he’d been laid off and having trouble finding work, but he was sure he could make monthly payments.  Electrician didn’t agree to arrangements.  Hubby starts talking to him, and he has a camper for sale for $600.  Hubby thinks a fair price for the work is closer to that.  Guy has camper in town to sell so he can pay for electrical work, so they make a quick trip to it.  Hubby brings home the camper to inspect, and calls the guy to agree to the exchange if the guy will purchase the wire needed for the job, guy agrees, and hubby gets directions.  He works for about 8 hours, gets everything done, and everyone is happy with the trade-off.  🙂  I ❤ Barter!!!!

Camper model plate

Our new camper

So, we are now the proud owners of a 1975 (we think) Coachmen Camper XL-1800.  I’ve included some pictures with our post, but it’s a definite work-in-progress.  🙂  We’re still in the process of fixing up our house, and planning for a family/business trip to Florida next week, so work on the camper will begin in about 3-4 weeks, but we’re excited.  It has a new (electric-only) fridge that works, a shower (that works), 2 table/bed combos, a possibly-non-working stove (we don’t have a propane tank, so we can’t test, but the previous owner warned us it may not work, and threw in the microwave they used in it’s place).  It also has a sleeping cot above the larger table (we’re thinking twins only, as it’s got heavy canvass like a cot, but it’s hung on the walls of a 30+ year old camper).  We’ve tested the water, and the sink and shower work.  We’re not sure about the toilet, so I’m in the process of searching for an online owner’s manual so we can learn how to do the repairs that might be needed (water doesn’t come on when it flushes, although trap opens).  All electrical works when plugged in, but we’ll need a new battery to determine if DC works.  Previous owner said it does, so we hope all will be well with it.  Rooftop A/C is there, but protective cover is missing, compressor switches on, but does not blow cold.  We’ll have to do a little research to figure out if it will need a new A/C, or just a re-charge.  🙂  Both tables need to be replaced (that will be the easiest fix, as we have all the hardware to put them back together, and we have the original tables to use as a template).  Foam is all good, but we’ll need to reupholster.  We could just put coverings on them to begin with (think sheets, pulled together and pinned at the bottom), but I’ve been looking for an excuse to learn to sew, so here we go.  🙂

Camper kitchen view

Camper kitchen view

Larger table/bed

Larger table/bed

Smaller table/bed

Smaller table/bed

This RV will definitely NOT be what we eventually full-time in.  As I told my husband, it’s large enough for weekend (or maybe even a week-long) trips, but definitely not large enough for a family of our size to live in.  But it’s a step in the right direction.  We’ll learn on this one, and hope that once we fix it up, we can sell it to upgrade to a newer, larger model.  That’s what it’s all about, right?  Working your way towards what you want… baby steps.  🙂  In the meantime, it’s a gas saver (as it’s so small), and it will give us experience and plenty of fun family memories.

So, look for my RV links to start being updated as we start looking into what we need, and once we start camping!  🙂



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3 responses to “New to Us RV

  1. Mom

    It looks better than first take. The set up is good for ya’ll. Be careful of the upper bunks at first; walls may need to be reinforced. If the stove doesn’t work,you may think about replacing burners with electric burner/warmer plates you can buy at Target, WalMart, etc. Later ya’ll can think about a generator to handle all the electric use, ie: ac, frig, stove, etc. Slip covers for the cushions is a good idea for now as reupholstering is very expensive. Use pins (large ones are best) and fold corners like christmas wrap. Also use fabric glue to reinforce some of it. If you don’t use the RV, you can probably sell it pretty easy for cash, but ya’ll might enjoy using it for a while. Caulk seams as well for leakage. Love you!

    • Yeah… it’s not too bad, but it is a little rough. Tom and I were saying the same thing on the cot/bunk. It’s a heavy canvas (like the army cots), but we’re also worried about the walls holding, so we’ll see. The “microwave” they gave us is actually a convection over (I think it’s the same one you have), and we have tons of electric stuff to cook with – a big griddle, steamer/stew/fry machine, crockpot, etc. Then there’s always campfire cooking for everything else. We’re not looking into paying to re-upholster, I’m figuring a lighter-weight fabric once I (re)learn to sew, but thanks for the advice on the fabric glue, hadn’t thought of that! We’re going to follow the keep it simple method. 🙂 The shower is tiny, so we’ll still want to use campground showers, but it’ll be great for washing sand off feet, and at least we’ll (hopefully) have a working potty. 😀

    • And LOVE YOU TOO!!! 😀 I hit submit too quick. 😀

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