Victoria, TX to Slidell, LA – Day 2 of Florida Trip

We had a guy call about wanting to see the Honda as we were leaving the house, so we drove over to where we have it parked to try to show it to him, and what happens?  He doesn’t show up, or even call back!!!!  45 minutes later, we head out, 2 hours behind schedule…

So we left Victoria shortly after 2pm.  Having made this trip many, many times, there’s not that much to tell about the drive.  We took our time, stopped in Lake Charles, LA to eat and get a couple of things at WalMart.  It was about 11pm when we arrived in Slidell, LA (just outside of NOLA).  It’s hard to be this close to NOLA and *not* go there.  I LOVED New Orleans!!!

We stayed at the America’s Best Value Inn, as we have a 15% discount card, so it makes stopping a little more affordable for us.  We are in a room with two full-sized beds.  It’s a little cramped with 4 kiddos and our Lab, but we managed to catch a few hours of sleep.  🙂

So, it’s 8am, and the twins are in the tub.  Most of us have already showered, and are about to hit the road, so I’d better get off of here.  Hoping that we’ll get to drive along the coast some today, and see the damage the oil has done first-hand.

Til later…


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