Thoughts about making our dream life happen

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the title of my blog, and the life I want to lead.  I searched for three years before I went back to school, trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and chose Earth Science teacher.  I’m actually not positive it’s what I want to do, because I really don’t agree with the public school’s teaching methods (let me clarify, I have NOTHING against public school teachers or even administration in most cases… I simply don’t believe it’s the best way to teach children, and I am completely against what is typically called “teaching to the test”).  I’m not really worried about that, though, because with the degree, I can still tutor, offer homeschool classes and/or work for a state or national park system, or get my master’s and teach college.  I’ve also given some serious consideration to getting my Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, as I really enjoy Oceanography.  So either way, getting my BA in Geosciences is still the best plan for me.  But just about everything else that I want in my life has changed dramatically since I enrolled in school, and is still evolving.  🙂

Hubby and I have talked more and more about what we want to do, and we are still several years from being able to realize it (5-7 years, probably), but we’ve honed our wants and needs, and we’ve started heading in the direction that we hope will lead us to the life we want, for ourselves, and for our children.

Being here in Florida reminds me again just how important our families are to us.  When each of them live 1,000 miles apart, it’s so hard on us to be near both sides.  So why wouldn’t an RV lifestyle work best for us?  We could spend large amounts of time with both families, if we plan it right, even spending some time with extended families that we currently rarely (read:  once in the 11 years that we’ve been together) see.  We could teach our children about the country while actually living throughout it.

So, to that end, our biggest hurdle will be financing that lifestyle, both to purchase what we’ll need and have a decent nest egg, for the rig we want, repairs and for times of unemployment.  I’m also learning about workamping, where we could work while traveling, to add and income stream to what we hope we’ll have in place otherwise.  We have several really good, workable ideas, I think.  And we hope to begin working on that this year.  I’ve been in school since last fall, and am continuing to work hard towards completing my degree.  My husband is starting this fall to work towards completing his degree (he’s still debating between three majors, hasn’t decided which one). He’s further along than I am, we think.  We’re both currently unemployed, looking for jobs… and considering that the fields we have been working in might not work for us in this economy.  So we’re playing with a few ideas that we hope will bring in an income comparable to what we’ve been used to, while allowing us a little more flexibility as well.  We’ll see how that plays out.

Love the life you live, Live the life you love


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