Homeschooling… getting back in the saddle

OK, so we didn’t intend to take the summer off… and haven’t, completely.  But Chris has worked only a little on his Pre-Algebra, and we’ve done a little history and English here and there.  And that was it.

My husband and I have decided that the twins will attempt Kindergarten this year in public school.  I have mixed feelings about this.  #1, I am obviously pro-homeschooling, so I would prefer to homeschool them, mostly.  #2, I’m concerned about Kyle getting consistently sick again (when we tried Pre-K last year, Kyle attended class 50% of the time, and was sick the other 50%).  On the other hand, Kody may need an outside influence, as he doesn’t tend to “focus” when we attempt to do learning activities.  A quick example:

Last night, Kody & Kyle decided they wanted to play with their sight word flash cards.  We proceed to make our way through the deck, and within minutes, Kody is shouting “car” at every card turn.  Kyle patiently sits and sounds out the words, asking about ones he’s unfamiliar with.  Kyle crawls in my lap, and wants to continue even after we’ve gone through every card in the deck.

Tom’s middle son (Micah) also wants to move in with us, and is begging his dad to talk to his mom about it when she gets here (she should be here tomorrow, is staying a week).  This should be interesting…  BUT he wants to go to public school, too.

So we are a true blended family, with many different kids on different paths.  😛

I’m not ready for the school to dictate our schedules again… but I’m ready to get back to “normal” days.  It’s been so hot here lately (starting so early in the morning), that we all have shifted to a night schedule.  Even the little ones are awake until 1 or 2 in the morning, and want to sleep in until noon.  That way our “mornings” are spent in the house, and the evenings (which are only slightly cooler) are spent being productive… or as productive as the weather allows.  🙂

How about you?  Do you school year-round, or are you getting back in the saddle, too?  Any tips for this newbie homeschooling momma?  I can use all the help I can get!  😀



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2 responses to “Homeschooling… getting back in the saddle

  1. I don’t homeschool currently as I’ve been fairly happy with the public education my children receive. Older child will be starting 4th grade (which is middle school in my district) and younger one is going into 1st grade.

    We supplement (and unschool) a lot at home. Incorporating lots of math and science in everyday life. This continues in the summer when school is not in session, and both kids are getting excited about school starting up in a few weeks.

    • Stacy, somehow I missed your comment (insert embarrassed smile). I’ve always unschooled my children as well, just didn’t have a name for it. 😀 We’re still waffling on whether the youngest ones are going to public school or not, but I think you make an excellent point. If you’re happy with the education the kiddos are getting (and are able to supplement where you’re not happy with it), then by all means, public school is an option, and can be the best option. I’ve never believed that there’s a one-size-fits-all when it comes to education. It’s going to depend on particular schools, the children themselves, their learning styles, and parents. Kudos for being involved in the decision, and for making the right one for your family! 😀

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