FREE online Writer’s Conference

I’ve played with the idea of going to a Writer’s Conference for years.  Well, the fact is, I’ve always wanted to go, just couldn’t afford to.  Between the cost of travel, hotel room, and the reasonable (but not in my budget) cost of most conferences, I’ve just never been.  I want to go to some now.

At the closing of year one of college (and currently being undecided as to whether to push forward with year two), I have decided that I really want to try to get my writing out there.  So, I remembered a couple of years ago, I had found what promised to be an excellent online writer’s conference.  And it was FREE!  I signed up, got excited about my workshops, then found myself unable to attend even a single workshop because my boss planned a last-minute vacation that week and I was swamped, trying to keep up with everything.

Last year I forgot about the conference until it was too late to attend.  But I remembered all of it last week.  So I checked the website (The Muse Online Writers Conference), and registration is still FREE until August 15th.  If you’re reading this after August 15th, they only request a $5 late fee to help defray expenses.  Donations, of course, are accepted from everyone.  🙂  So my wooohooo is that I’ve signed up for it!  I can’t wait until October now to take my workshops, and I’m continuing to read books that are designed to help me with my manuscript.  I’m hoping this will be the “push” I need to get my writing out there, and go from a hobbyist and “wannabe” to a published author of fiction.  I’ll continue to write my non-fiction articles, and try not to neglect my blogs, as well.  🙂  But I’m excited about this.

So… have you ever attended a Writer’s Conference?  Which one, and what did you like about it?  Do you plan on attending this one?  If you do, leave me a comment… I’d love to “meet” other writers attending!


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