Finally sounds like someone understands me

I’ve recently started reading Barbara Sher.  I ordered three books of hers:  Wishcraft:  How to Get What You Really Want, I Could Do Anything:  If I Only Knew What it Was, and Refuse to Chose:  A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love.  I’m saving the first for last, read the second, and have started on the third.  It was amazing to finally read something that truly sounds like someone understands me.

OK, let me explain.  Since high school, I’ve held several different jobs, mostly office jobs, but some retail thrown in.  I’ve bounced around specialty-wise from bookkeeping to office management to human resources to marketing.  And I’ve loved bits and pieces of each of the jobs (as well as the industries) I’ve been in.  But I’ve always felt rather unsettled at each one, bored with certain portions of my job, enjoying others.  I was happiest when running my own business, because I could dip into marketing, handle accounting, do payroll, human resources… a little of everything.  I’ve also always been interested in learning… about EVERYTHING!!!  I had the hardest times picking a college major because I LOVE Anthropology, Music, Psychology, Dance, Greek Mythology, Theatre, English Literature, Geology, American History, Photography, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Public Speaking, Humanities, and so much more.  I have learned that I don’t care for Political Science, Government, or any of the advanced Maths.  😀  But other than that, as soon as I find myself saying “OK, this is the path I’m going to choose”, almost immediately I’m second-guessing myself.  I’ve dreamed of (and in some cases actually drawn up business plans and everything): owning an ATV Resort (think of an RV park + a place to ride 4x4s), owning a thrift store, a photography studio, a used bookstore with a cafe, being a travel photojournalist, own a bar, and more.  I’ve begun writing four manuscripts, and haven’t finished one yet.  I’ve tried so many direct selling plans I can’t even list them all.  OK, well, I could, but that’s not the point.  The point is, when I make a self-deprecating comment about how I’m all over the place, I really am.  I can’t choose any one thing, so I’m all over the place, trying to earn a living from the things I enjoy and that I’m good at.  And I’m constantly learning new things.  And I’m consistently taking on new projects that may or may not ever see the light of day.  For clients (or potential clients) reading this, let me assure you, I have a strict code that if I’m being paid for a job, it WILL get finished.  🙂

I have wanted to be a:  a writer, photographer, business consultant, police detective, pastor (in my born-again years), photojournalist, travel agent, musician, dancer, teacher (of several subjects), a tarot card reader, computer software designer, singer, actor, bellydancer, a business owner, jewelry maker, blacksmith, renaissance faire performer, gymnast, a soldier, nurse, college professor, private detective, resort caretaker (in a hotel), own a bar, and again… yes, you can say it with me… Much More…

Let me clear one thing up, right off the bat.  I’ve talked to more than one doctor about potentially being ADD.  According to each one of them, I’m not.  I have the ability to focus on a project and complete it, if I really want to (hence, when I get paid to do a project, it WILL get done).  It’s just that the desire isn’t always there to complete it.  I get distracted easily, yes, but it’s not attention deficit, they explain… it’s just an abundance of curiosity, as one doctor put it.  😀  I’m a jack of all trades…

So, back to Barbara Sher’s books.  What I have learned is that she understands EXACTLY how I am, and explains that there’s nothing wrong with it.  She even gives a name to my particular “affliction”/”gift” (you get to choose how you want to look at it… for me, it’s been very frustrating for many, many years):  I’m a Scanner.  All those things I just described to you above?  Yep, those are all signs of a scanner.  Now what this means, and how I go about earning a good living, while learning to accept and maybe even enjoy this facet of my personality, I haven’t learned yet.  I hope that she’ll have some sage wisdom… after all, that’s the name of the book that I’m currently reading:  Refuse to Chose:  A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love. So I’m hoping that it will have that wisdom and advice, as the title promises.  😀

In the meantime, it’s just so incredibly nice to hear that there are other people out there like me!  😀

Have you read Barbara Sher’s books?  Are you like me?  Do you have suggestions for people like me?  Or just want to tell me what you think?  😀



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4 responses to “Finally sounds like someone understands me

  1. Rhonda Jones

    OMG! I think we might have been separated at birth… I have personally come to terms with being a “Jane of all trades” and that has made the struggle so much less because I accept myself. I love learning new stuff and incorporating it into my knowledge base, but that has not ever translated into $$$. Still haven’t figured that one out 🙂
    I get you AND would be so on board for having an RV park! LOL

    • Rhonda, sounds like we have A LOT in common these days! 😀 I had already accepted that I had a need to learn all of these things, but never TRULY accepted that it was okay to spend the money, start the projects without finishing them, and always felt a little embarrassed that I couldn’t do certain things (such as finish college, because I couldn’t decide on a major, or a minor for that matter… even two choices weren’t enough… I truly want to be a professional student)! 😀 These books are amazing!!! As for the RV park, my mom and dad (along with my aunt and uncle) owned one for a few years, and I LOVED it… have been dreaming of doing the same thing (but adding the ATV portion to it) for years. I have a full-fledged business plan for it, complete with construction costs, marketing plan, and everything! 😀 Alas, not the money to actually do it… LOL! But maybe someday… 😀

  2. LOL!!! I am the same way. I am interested on waay too m any things, and I have a few manuscripts started also.
    Have you ever tried “Book In A Month?” YOu might find it helpful.

    • I haven’t tried that yet, Mary, but thank you for the suggestion!!!I love books, so that one will have to go on my list! I have participated in NaNoWriMo for the last three years (but haven’t “won”, or finished, it yet). I’m hoping that since I’ll have the writer’s conference this October, I’ll be ready and geared up for NaNoWriMo in November, and will be able to actually finish this novel I already have in my head by the end of November. 😀 I think the amazing part of this experience is that feeling that I’m okay just as I am that is finally coming through. That I am this way for a reason, for a purpose, and that fighting it (and feeling like a failure) is only going to make it harder to discover the reasons and purposes I was created like this. Now, on to figuring out how to help support my family with this “gift” (LOL)!!!!

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