Curriculum reviewed

Yesterday I reviewed Chris’s curriculum in depth, and planned out the next few weeks (once he gets back from his visit at his mom’s this week).  As expected, we have decided that we’ll loosely base our school year on our inherited ABEKA/Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum.  It’s a very (very) thorough program, a bit too much like the traditional school for my tastes, but that means that he’ll cover everything he needs to know to get him through the 8th grade, which eases my mind.  I’ll fill in some of the holes from 7th grade as needed, and we’ll add in field trips and more hands-on learning activities to help him along the way.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  🙂  He seems to be anxious to get started, and yet dragging his feet at the same time, so I think we’re in the same boat.  😀

My husband and I made the decision that the twins will start Kindergarten this year at the local public school.  Kody doesn’t want to go, and keeps asking why he can’t homeschool (which is tugging at us, of course).  Kyle on the other hand, (the one who we are worried about going to school because of his allergies and consistently getting sick), desperately wants to go.  (Insert rolling eyes here).  😀  It’s hard… there’s a part of me that wants to homeschool them, because I feel so strongly about them getting the best education they can get at home… yet there’s this other part of me that feels that it is a  good idea to start them off at public school and see how they do.  It starts in two days, so we’ll see how this first week goes.


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