Barefoot Books

You’ve seen the many income streams I’ve attempted to build to help support our family and homeschooling.  I have a new one!!!  This morning, I was watching Good Morning America, to see the Avon clip (did you see it?), and saw Barefoot Books.  This is perfect for our homeschooling family, and there is no cost to get started!!!  So, what did I do?  Yep, if you’ve been reading my blog long, you’ll know exactly what I did.  I signed up to be a Barefoot Books Ambassador. If you haven’t seen them yet (or even if you have), please check out my new site.

Have you ordered from Barefoot Books before?  What did you think?



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2 responses to “Barefoot Books

  1. Welcome to Barefoot! You will love the books, the supportive community, and the opportunities to share Barefoot with your family and community. I’ve been an ambassador for three years now and really enjoy all aspects of the business and Barefoot life. 🙂
    Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks Dena! I’m looking forward to it! I’m always up for a new adventure, and reading is definitely an addiction passion of mine. 😀 It’s something I’ve tried very hard to pass on to all of my kiddos, as well.

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