Drama today… Drama class, that is :)

Tuesdays are a bit hectic. Hopefully that will change next week, as I’ve worked out a carpool with another homeschooling mom for drama.

Woke up late and got the kiddos off to school (tardy… ugh), then came home and started working on one of my (other) blogs. Time got away from me, and I let Chris oversleep (second ugh). I usually try to get him up by 8:45, so he can be awake and start school by 9:00. Today, Tom’s computer announced 10am… that’s what made me realize I’d messed up my timing. Thank goodness it talks to me! 😛

Then we had to leave around 12:30 to get to drama (late again… by 10 minutes). Left drama early to go pick up the boys (got there on time, thank goodness). Back home to spend the afternoon cleaning… and cleaning… and cleaning. I’d been neglecting it a bit lately (just to round things off, this is my third ugh… I’m not a happy homemaker… I do what I need to do to keep my house clean, but I don’t LOVE it). 🙂

There’s always tomorrow, right? Well, I’m going to try to get to bed at a decent time tonight so we can start the day off better tomorrow, so I’m outta here! 🙂

Good news: My husband got a call about a permanent job (he’s been working temporary) today!!! Bad news: He can’t remember which job it’s for (i.e., where it’s located). Guess he’ll find out tomorrow. 😀


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