Teenage reading suggestions?

Chris on dirtbike 2009

Chris on dirtbike 2009

I need some reading suggestions.  Chris is not interested in Eragon, Harry Potter, or any of the books I know.  Anyone have suggestions for a book and/or series (I’m fond of series, as I think they encourage the kiddos to read more) for a 13 year old?

Books/Series that he’s liked:  Hatchet, Maniac McGee, Where the Red Fern Grows, Diary of a Wimpy Kid… he can’t think of any more, except joke books.  But I’m trying to find chapter books, something with “meat” in it, a storyline to keep him involved, characters he’ll want to know more about.  🙂

My suggestions so far (that he hasn’t read, and doesn’t seem terribly interested, but he’s going to give them a go unless I can find something else more interesting):  The Three Investigators (I loved these when I was a kid), Hardy Boys (I also enjoyed), Charlie Bone, The Legend of the Guardians, Percy Jackson (this will also teach him more about Greek Mythology).

We’re starting White Fang today (at my request, as I believe in reading classics, too), but I’d also like for him to find some contemporary fiction for “fun” reading.

So, any suggestions?  Please?  🙂



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  1. SugarMama

    Okay, I just typed up a huge comment, and deleted it accidentally. Here I go again:

    I was going to recommend Hatchet, but he’s read that one, so how about the sequel to Hatchet? Also, The Giver is an awesome book, and it’s a part of a trilogy.

    I’m going to recommend another series but it’s very advanced, so I would suggest reading it first (that’s what I did). My oldest son read it at 13, but I won’t let my other son read it until he’s much older. The series is called Chaos Walking and the first book is The Knife of Never Letting Go. It’s a very well written book, but deep… and at times can be depressing. It opens up a lot of discussion though. It’s a “meaty” book for sure… and he’ll definitely want to know more about the characters… but, again, read about it first.

    And there is the hugely famous Hunger Games series. I have to admit, I haven’t read any of them. I try to check my books out at the library vs purchasing them so I’m usually way behind on reading what is popular.


    • Thank you so much for your suggestions!!! Just checked with him, and he hasn’t read the sequel to Hatchet, and he’s read The Giver, but not the trilogy… Yeah!!! 😀 I’ll have to take a look at Chaos Walking. I hadn’t heard of it or the Hunger Game series.

      Our library visit is scheduled for today! LOL. As much as I love to read, we’d go broke (completely) if I bought all the books, so we make heavy use of our library as well. 😀

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