Do you blogfrog? Join me!

So I’ve been working on setting up a community over at the blogfrog for anyone who might be interested.  Unfortunately, blogs don’t like the blogfrog (which you might notice, if you see some javascript instead of a button or badge over on the right of this post).

I thought I’d provide a link here for anyone who’s interested.  Here’s where we’ll talk about Making Our Dream Life Happen.  My dream life is gypsy-like, in that I hope to homeschool my children, writing and photographing my way across the U.S.  in an RV with my family.  We think our dream life is about 5 years out, but I’m always planning for it.  🙂

I’ve just started to live a life of voluntary simplicity.  Actually, that’s not completely correct, because I’m still transitioning from having wayyyyyy too much stuff to that voluntary simplicity.  So we’ll talk about that some there, too.

Basically, it’s a community where you can just talk about whatever comes to mind, and we can support each other to begin living our dreams.

Join me, won’t you?  🙂


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