Notes from TWTM for K

I’m re-reading TWTM with an emphasis for the K’s.  These are just my notes, not anywhere near comprehensive for all of what is laid out in the book.  As a side note, I really need to get my own copy of this book.  If you have one for sale, please let me know. 😀

Nice to know that during our read-aloud time, I’m already doing what they suggest, and choosing words for them to sound out (“sticking on a word”).  If it’s what I call a “weird word” (because it makes the boys laugh), then I explain the rule and move on.  They’re already picking up on many of the rules due to that.

Books on tape.  Not children’s versions, but “densely written” adult versions.  Children will learn to grasp language from the sounds of the words, even if they don’t fully understand the content.  I love this quote, “Books on tape stock a child’s mind with teh sounds of thousands of words.  When children start sounding out words later on, they’ll progress much more quickly if they recognize the words.”  For my purposes, I’ll combine this with my reluctant classic reader, and choose the classics that he needs to be working on.

For teaching beginning reading, they’ve suggested Phonics Pathways. Phonics Pathways: Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling.  I’m afraid we’re already past this, but I might have to check into it to be sure.  If you’re not, that’s what’s recommended, and the link is within.

So, all in all, it’s a pretty good day!  Always nice to know that I’m doing what needs to be done (or more).


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2 responses to “Notes from TWTM for K

  1. I just love the way TWTM teaches, it just makes sense to me. I love when everything just feels right ! 😉

    I am currently working on copywork, we will start WWE in December. I love that I can pick and choose my own. 😉

    I need more audio books ( maybe ), I just tend to read aloud when the kids are in the room. The same thing to me, and cheaper. ( I am working through TWEM )

    • I agree. That’s what’s really neat to me about TWTM… that I do so much of it already, just as a natural reaction. I’m only way behind on reading aloud the classics. What’s WWE?

      I need more audio books for sure… I just don’t have the time to read to them like I’d like to lately. But I can listen while they listen and I write… 😀

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