Two friends making their dreams happen

I have two friends  involved in something to make their dreams happen, that I wanted to share really quick.  If you subscribe to my The WAHM Experiment blog, then you’ll be seeing posts on both of them soon (probably after December 1st.  I’m still working hard on NaNoWriMo, and we’re trying to get to some past-due remodeling on the house, so any posts I do to my blogs are few and far between this month.).

One is a an author, and has created a blog to chronicle her family’s attempts to survive in this economy on her blog, Families Making Fortunes.  She’s got some great ideas and resources in these tough times, and a great outlook on a situation that’s really tough.  If you find you want to follow their attempts, please comment, subscribe, and check out some of her links!

The other is someone that I have a lot in common with, and she has teamed up with her sister-in-law to create Pin-Up Faerie.  They’ve just started their venture, so the blog is new, but if you love pin-ups, and you love faeries, you won’t be disappointed!!

Hope everyone is having a great November!  I’m looking forward to our learning this month, working on a couple of business ideas of my own, and looking forward to spending some time with family!



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2 responses to “Two friends making their dreams happen

  1. SelenaParsley

    Awesome, Kim!!! Thank you for the kind shout out! And we do have lots in common! 🙂

    • You’re quite welcome… I’m so looking forward to seeing more. Don’t forget about my offer as a model and/or backup photographer. 😉 One of these days we *will* meet up, I know it! 😀

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