Just to let everyone know, VCA Fundraising is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest, and who supported our boys!  We wound up raising just a bit over the amount needed, and with permission of the one who sent us the overage, used it toward uniforms and a hoodie for Chris.

The Cobras have played two games so far, and their record is 1-1.  The first one was a close game, but they were beat.  The second one (last night) was a great game, and they played very well!!!!  It was a lot of fun.  Chris made his first basket, and a couple of assists, as well as a couple of steals, so he was very excited!  They have another game tonight (FOUR this week… ouch!!!), so I’ll be uploading pictures tomorrow of some of the games.

I’m in the process of creating a website to sell Event Photography (as well as the portraits and landscapes that I occassionally do).  SmugMug (where I had previously hosted my photography) was a little out of my price range this year, so I’ve had to change it over.  My new website will be:  I don’t have any of the photos uploaded to the website yet, but will also be working on those in coming days.  So give me a few days, and we’ll see how this one works out.  It’s less than half the cost of SmugMug, and in tough times like these, I’ve got to watch every penny.  🙂

I’ll also be posting a list of the businesses and individuals that supported Chris and VCA in our fundraising efforts, as a Thank You!!!

So, ’til next time… 🙂


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