What we’ve been up to

OK, so basketball and NaNoWriMo (for me) has had us pretty silent for a few weeks.

I’ve already tooted my own horn everywhere else, so I’ve got to do it here.  I WON NaNoWriMo this year!!!  To understand what a major accomplishment I am, see my post titled Finally Someone Understands Me.  🙂  Then check out the graph below.  I hit two plateaus, but managed to push through them, which is the big accomplishment part.  I’m still working on finishing the book (still have a chapter to go), then I’ll have a major round of editing to do on it, and it’ll be ready for first readers.  This is the first novel I’ve (nearly) finished, so it’s very exciting for me.

Then, Chris has been playing basketball.  We average 3 games per week, so that keeps us pretty busy.  They’ve been doing GREAT, and have a 7-2 record so far.  Coach just enrolled them for the state tournament in February in Frisco, and we’re all really excited about that, too.  They have a ton of games between now and then, though, so we’re keeping focused on December games.

The twins are still working on copy books, their letters, numbers, reasoning (i.e., which pictures are smallest, which are largest, etc.).

Chris has hit a small snag with his schoolwork.  Our computer has a file that’s corrupted, so he’s not able to do math, science & bible at the moment.  So we’re concentrating on English, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, and History, and we’ll have to get it fixed so he can get caught up on the three he’s missing.

We’re all doing a unit study on Alaska, which includes reading aloud from a book about Alaska (reading, grammar), watching videos of the Alaska Highway being built, the Alaska Pipeline being built (both History), and tomorrow, I’m going to pick up a video about the Aurora Borealis (Science).  We also have geography cards that the boys look at and look up where we’re reading about as we read our books.  I’ve included a travel guide for Chris, so he can look up the city we’re reading about, and see what all there is to see in Alaska in that area.  We look up the weather patterns in Alaska, highs and lows, talk about earthquakes, snowfall, etc. for Science.  We map and try to figure out distances from one place to another for Math, and look up information online.  This has been one of our first full unit studies, the first I’ve put together on my own, so it’s been fun to try to figure out how to include all subjects based around a unit.

In other news, Chris (14) is going through that phase where he would rather hang out with adults than children, which is very typical of this age.  But he still is seriously lacking in manners and etiquette.  A lot of this was realized at Thanksgiving, so I’m looking for a good secular book on manners and etiquette for boys.  We’ve come a long way on his table manners, and he no longer tries to talk to people about how much money they make or have (grin), and mostly about not talking about religion and politics to anyone he encounters, but I’m still missing some of the basics, such as:  a) not interrupting.  When he walks into a room, he pays no attention as to who else is talking, but just starts;  b) not bugging adults to play with him.  He loves basketball.  This is great, but he pesters adults to play with him when there’s a bunch of people here;  c) sensing someone’s mood.  He has no idea when it’s alright to joke and when it’s best if he doesn’t.  His dad and I will be having an intense discussion about something that’s upsetting to us for one reason or another, and he feels it’s perfectly okay and appropriate to pipe in with a joke.  There are others, but these are the most frequent.  I have tried giving him examples, and I continue to try to correct him when it happens, but sometimes I’m not sure how to explain it to him.  So I’m putting this out there, wondering if you’ve heard of anything that would help with this.  🙂

Other than that, hubby and I are both still looking for jobs.  We haven’t decided how we’re going to handle schooling once we get them, but I guess we’ll decide when/if we get to a point where we are both working, or both have the opportunity to work.  Construction is still really really tight around here, so my options are looking better than his right now.  Maybe he’ll be a homeschooling dad for a while, while I work.  We’ve always been a pretty non-traditional family, so that’s a definite option.  I keep telling myself that no matter what, it’s all steps towards our dream life.  In the meantime, even families with big dreams need to eat!  🙂


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