Our Businesses

I’ve created a new category to put information about all of our business ventures into as I post on them, but also wanted to set up a page dedicated to our family businesses.  We are all involved in supporting our household, and our homeschooling adventure, and all purchases (of products or services) keep us in clothing, food, and homeschool books and activities.  😀

Tom is a licensed Journeyman Electrician.  He works full-time, but is also available (as time permits) for “side jobs”.  It’s best to contact me, as he checks his email infrequently, at best.  🙂  You can leave a comment on one of our posts, or send me an email at:

kimberlyearley 'at' yahoo 'dot' com

kimberlyearley 'at' yahoo 'dot' com

Kim is a freelance writer, photographer, and business consultant/temporary worker.  🙂  I do a bit of everything, a Jill of All Trades, if you will.  My writing can be found on this blog, and also at the Examiner, under the following titles:  Austin Social Networking Examiner, and Victoria Tattoo & Piercing Examiner.  My professional resume is located on LinkedIn, if you’d like to see some of the things I’ve done in the past.  I’m available locally (South Texas – Victoria), nationwide with jobs that are a week or longer in term, and/or remotely.  I do a lot of marketing via Social Media, so if you know of a company that needs help getting the word out and establishing their social media  presence, feel free to pass along my information!  I have a website with more information, as well as my social media connections.  You can also find me on Facebook.    Photo of Kim Earley

As a family (although primarily through me), we are Independent Distributors for Avon Products.  I love Avon, and enjoy reminding people that although the company has been around for over 110 years, everything is very up to date.  I use the Renew skin care products on a regular basis (and LOVE it), as well as Skin So Soft, and a lot of the make-up.  I also wear a lot of Avon jewelry, as I LOVE the selection!!!  Please visit my Avon page and take a look at our current specials!!!  If you’re in the Victoria, TX area, I can deliver (and process payment at delivery)… or Avon will ship nationwide for only $3.00 (FREE with an order of $30 or more)!!!  And Avon has ALWAYS stood behind their 100% money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose!  My Avon business is on Facebook, so please, become a fan and keep updated on our specials, as well as beauty tips (coming soon).  I’d love to see you there!

Kim's Avon Website Campaign 20

Kim's Avon Website Campaign 20

Also as a family, we sell Barefoot Books.  This is a brand-new venture for us, and fits in very well with our homeschooling.  They have an excellent selection of books and gifts, and since we are a family of readers, it’s going to be great!!!  Chris, Kim, and Tom all pitch in on this venture, so it’s a true family business.

Chris (13) will be starting his own business venture soon, as well.  He will be making Disciple’s Crosses.  He wants to earn his own money, and promote his faith, and I think learning entrepreneurship from the ground up is a great thing!!!!

Chris's Disciples Crosses

Chris's Disciples Crosses

As we add other business ventures to support our Dream Life, I’ll add them to this page.  If you see something you’re interested in, please leave me a comment, or drop me a line via email, and let me know.  And please, feel free to LIKE and SHARE!!!  😀


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