Teenage reading suggestions?

Chris on dirtbike 2009

Chris on dirtbike 2009

I need some reading suggestions.  Chris is not interested in Eragon, Harry Potter, or any of the books I know.  Anyone have suggestions for a book and/or series (I’m fond of series, as I think they encourage the kiddos to read more) for a 13 year old?

Books/Series that he’s liked:  Hatchet, Maniac McGee, Where the Red Fern Grows, Diary of a Wimpy Kid… he can’t think of any more, except joke books.  But I’m trying to find chapter books, something with “meat” in it, a storyline to keep him involved, characters he’ll want to know more about.  🙂

My suggestions so far (that he hasn’t read, and doesn’t seem terribly interested, but he’s going to give them a go unless I can find something else more interesting):  The Three Investigators (I loved these when I was a kid), Hardy Boys (I also enjoyed), Charlie Bone, The Legend of the Guardians, Percy Jackson (this will also teach him more about Greek Mythology).

We’re starting White Fang today (at my request, as I believe in reading classics, too), but I’d also like for him to find some contemporary fiction for “fun” reading.

So, any suggestions?  Please?  🙂



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Drama today… Drama class, that is :)

Tuesdays are a bit hectic. Hopefully that will change next week, as I’ve worked out a carpool with another homeschooling mom for drama.

Woke up late and got the kiddos off to school (tardy… ugh), then came home and started working on one of my (other) blogs. Time got away from me, and I let Chris oversleep (second ugh). I usually try to get him up by 8:45, so he can be awake and start school by 9:00. Today, Tom’s computer announced 10am… that’s what made me realize I’d messed up my timing. Thank goodness it talks to me! 😛

Then we had to leave around 12:30 to get to drama (late again… by 10 minutes). Left drama early to go pick up the boys (got there on time, thank goodness). Back home to spend the afternoon cleaning… and cleaning… and cleaning. I’d been neglecting it a bit lately (just to round things off, this is my third ugh… I’m not a happy homemaker… I do what I need to do to keep my house clean, but I don’t LOVE it). 🙂

There’s always tomorrow, right? Well, I’m going to try to get to bed at a decent time tonight so we can start the day off better tomorrow, so I’m outta here! 🙂

Good news: My husband got a call about a permanent job (he’s been working temporary) today!!! Bad news: He can’t remember which job it’s for (i.e., where it’s located). Guess he’ll find out tomorrow. 😀

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FREE homeschooling stuff

Currclick FREE ebooks

'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day

So, I try to always pass along free homeschooling stuff that I find, and I found this, and I thought I’d pass it along.  Until September 22nd, ‘Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Their website says plunder the website to find 20 FREE ebooks.  So take a look and come back and  tell me what you find!!!  🙂

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Homeschool schedule today

Prince of Persia Film still

Prince of Persia film still

So, we were all planned out… Science, Math, and Bible Study in the morning (Switched on Schoolhouse), then history, Vocabulary test, and Grammar this afternoon.  We chucked it all to watch Prince of Persia, complete with discussions.  🙂  So I figure we’re covering History (we’ve learned about the Achaemenid Empire, better known as the Persian Empire), Geography (as we’ve located the Persian Empire (historically) and the current Iran on maps, Western Civilization, religion (they reference both Paganism and Christianity throughout the movie), and legends… how they have been passed down orally for years.  The discussion about legends has sparked a weekend-long discussion about other legends and predictions, 2012, and all sorts of other things.

We’ve all agreed that we’d love to see more movies like this, and on our next library trip, we’d like to look into the writings of Nostradamus and how his writings have been interpreted so that people say they have “come true”.  If we’d been home, we would have used the internet to discover more, but as we were in the car, we could only discuss things in general terms.

We would have gotten to more today, but today, Tom & Chris are learning to make Disciples Crosses (another one of my business venture ideas years ago).  😀  A Dad/Son business venture (and something that is a ministry of their faith)!!!  I LOVE it!  😀  I’ll post a few as soon as they have some made.

Can I just say again that I LOVE homeschooling?  Even when we’re not “in school”, we’re learning!!!!  As a caveat, we did this even when the kids were in public school… the learning.  It’s the passion for it that I see in him that I really love!!!  Now that he’s not “burned out” in school, he doesn’t close down his mind on the weekends, saying he doesn’t want to learn!


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Barefoot Books

You’ve seen the many income streams I’ve attempted to build to help support our family and homeschooling.  I have a new one!!!  This morning, I was watching Good Morning America, to see the Avon clip (did you see it?), and saw Barefoot Books.  This is perfect for our homeschooling family, and there is no cost to get started!!!  So, what did I do?  Yep, if you’ve been reading my blog long, you’ll know exactly what I did.  I signed up to be a Barefoot Books Ambassador. If you haven’t seen them yet (or even if you have), please check out my new site.

Have you ordered from Barefoot Books before?  What did you think?


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COEXIST – homeschooling group in Texas?

co_exist_by_c3b4 at Creative Commons

co_exist_by_c3b4 at Creative Commons

I’m not trying to be “cute” with the title.  I’m looking for some sort of group that would fit with the Coexist theme… in Texas.

I was talking with another homeschooling mom online today about the existence of a racial-, sexual orientation-, religious- (or non-religious) tolerant homeschooling group in West Texas.  I don’t know of one, but I’m in South Texas.  It started us thinking that perhaps we could create one.  As Texas is large enough that in most other areas, we’d live in different states (grin), I’m wondering about online with the option of meeting up once a month in different areas of the state.

Her message came in a timely manner, as I had an issue with my 13-year-old last night about him calling someone on TV gay (and meaning it in a derogatory way).  I have become increasingly frustrated with organized religion, and the non-tolerance that is taught by outright methods, and/or by default.  Where I am in my personal spiritual path is not the point here, so I won’t go into it.

The point is that there are others out there who choose not to associate with organized religion, and/or have other tolerance-related issues.  And some of those people are homeschoolers… some of them in Texas.  That’s who I’m looking for here.  Any other Texans out there that would like to be a part of a secular, tolerant homeschool group?  Please feel free to share this blog post with others, and leave me a comment below and we’ll see if we can organize some way for several of us to be there to support each other.


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Shameless Plug for August :)

Photo of Kim EarleyAs I’m a WAHM, and a professional freelancer, I do many things.  This means I need to tell people what all I do… often.  So this is my “plug” for the month of August.  😀  Please, if you’re seeing this on Facebook, and know of someone who might need my services, please SHARE.  If you think you have a friend or family member that just might want my contact information, please send them to my Facebook site, this blog, or my website.   As a freelancer, I keep my options open, and the more offbeat the assignment seems, the more interested I am.  🙂

My website shows a bit of what I write about.  It is in the midst of a major re-design, but it has contact information and links in abundance.

My business resume is showcased at LinkedIn.  This will give you an idea of what all I have done in the business world, and some of the breadth of my knowledge, as well as the industries I’ve worked in.

Facebook page.  This is more of a contact me page, as I frequently post my articles and links there, but I also post favored quotes, and just chat here.  The advantage is that I’m frequently on Facebook, so I can be contacted quickly through this page.

Although my primary focus is writing, and I write on many subjects (which can all be found in this blog under “My Writing” category in the drop down box on the right, or on my primary website), I also offer many other services.

Some of my recent projects have included:

  • Lender Site Inspection (photography and business report)
  • Articles about tattoos
  • Articles about social networking
  • Articles about money-making ideas (ghost written)
  • One-on-one computer training
  • One-on-one business training (reception and office management skills necessary in the workplace)
  • Temporary Staffing for office and retail

Some projects that I’m currently being considered for include:

  • Group training:  using social media for your business

Offbeat and one-off projects are welcome.  If you’ve got a project that needs to get done, but the people in your organization aren’t sure where to start, or just don’t have the time to complete it, that’s when you call me.  With professionalism and integrity, I can help businesses or individuals in unusual situations.


  • Want to take a week-long cruise, but you own a retail business and need someone to step in and run it while you’re gone?  I can do that.
  • Need a (Texas) Notary Public available on call?  I can do that.
  • Need help getting your new business office organized, policies and procedures in place, and help with hiring new employees?  I can do that.
  • Own a campground and haven’t had a vacation in years because you have no one to look after it while you’re gone?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to come in and teach your employees (or you) how to use social media to benefit their jobs?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to handle the social media for you, so you can focus on your business?  I can do that.
  • Need one-time, basic training on Quickbooks Pro (or Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to come in (or work remotely) once a week and do all of your billing, so you can focus on doing what you’re good at?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to travel to all of your stores within a certain area, taking photographs and reporting back to you on how the stores look?  I can do that.

If you’re looking for affordable help with an excellent skill set, that’s me.  I’ll work with you to create a pricing structure and schedule that fits your needs.  Call today!  Kim three-6-one-7-seven-1-eight-5-five-one.  Or contact me via email at: kimberlyearley ‘at’ yahoo-dot-com.

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