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COEXIST – homeschooling group in Texas?

co_exist_by_c3b4 at Creative Commons

co_exist_by_c3b4 at Creative Commons

I’m not trying to be “cute” with the title.  I’m looking for some sort of group that would fit with the Coexist theme… in Texas.

I was talking with another homeschooling mom online today about the existence of a racial-, sexual orientation-, religious- (or non-religious) tolerant homeschooling group in West Texas.  I don’t know of one, but I’m in South Texas.  It started us thinking that perhaps we could create one.  As Texas is large enough that in most other areas, we’d live in different states (grin), I’m wondering about online with the option of meeting up once a month in different areas of the state.

Her message came in a timely manner, as I had an issue with my 13-year-old last night about him calling someone on TV gay (and meaning it in a derogatory way).  I have become increasingly frustrated with organized religion, and the non-tolerance that is taught by outright methods, and/or by default.  Where I am in my personal spiritual path is not the point here, so I won’t go into it.

The point is that there are others out there who choose not to associate with organized religion, and/or have other tolerance-related issues.  And some of those people are homeschoolers… some of them in Texas.  That’s who I’m looking for here.  Any other Texans out there that would like to be a part of a secular, tolerant homeschool group?  Please feel free to share this blog post with others, and leave me a comment below and we’ll see if we can organize some way for several of us to be there to support each other.



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Homeschool Group Park Day

Today was an awesome day!  I got to meet my homeschool group for the first time in person… what an amazing group of ladies, man, and kids!!!  🙂  I’m feeling so good about our decision to homeschool, and not feeling quite so much like I’m floundering… we have time to figure it out!  Chris got to meet several girls, and one boy his age, and the boys played with a little girl their age… and there were a few in between.

We got to the Children’s Park, and there were three buses there.  I was worried, but since I’d made contact with several others about the date, decided to hang out and see if anyone else showed up.  Then the buses really started showing up.  I counted 8 total when a few of us had shown up and were leaving to go to another area of the park.  🙂  My personal “bus” (a ’99 Suburban qualifies, I think) was blocked in.  I made a 9 point turn to back into an empty parking space, then had to wait for a bus to back up so that I could get out.  I think this will be the last conflict with public schools, because I think this is their last Friday.

So we went to the area with the volleyball courts.  The kids had a blast, playing with all of the others… and I had a blast, finally talking with other homeschooling parents.  I’m so self-conscious that often when I’m in a group, people find me to be very quiet.  I should put the disclaimer here… that’s only until they get to know me… 😛  But I really didn’t feel that way today.  Instead, I felt very welcomed and very at ease.  I think many people are finally getting the idea that not all homeschoolers are fundamentalists or survivalists, but just for clarification, every one of the adults that I met today were just everyday people… not a fundamentalist among us.  😛  Out of the group, I’m the newest homeschooling mom, which is great, because I have a wealth of information to draw upon.  I’m also not the only one that homeschools a stepson who goes to visit mom once a month – there’s another (step)mom with that exact same situation, too.  We also have a homeschooling dad in the group.  We’re just a bunch of regular people who felt that it would be best for our children to teach them ourselves.  And I feel like a part of me just clicked into place, excuse the cliche, but like coming home.  So, THIS is where I belong!?!  😀

I hope that we’ll continue our get togethers every Friday, and field trips to accent our learning.  We talked (briefly) about a colonial day and/or Rennaisance day… of course, I’m a total history buff, so I loved the idea.  🙂


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I love our homeschool group!

So, I love our homeschool group, and I haven’t even met anyone yet.  🙂

So far, I have received advice on how to not worry so much about my eclectic curriculum and trust that I will find my way (not to mention I’ll be picking up my ABEKA curriculum in June/July), have found 2 dueling partners (Yu-Gi-Oh!) for my 13 year old – one his age, one a bit younger, several girls that are his age that also homeschool, and several possible playmates for the twins as well.  We’ve scheduled a park day outing (we’ve missed them the last couple of times), passed on a field trip that I would have loved to take but just isn’t in our budget right now, and I’ve found a couple of parents that I can talk to about concerns, worries, and the joys of homeschooling.  🙂

Wow!!!  And I live in a relatively small city!!!

I love my life!

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