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Link to a great article about water safety

I already shared this on Facebook, but realized that I wanted to share here, too.  This is something that I think is important for people to know, and in light of our pool activities and beach plans this week, thought it would be a good idea to share it here.

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

While we were at the pool, I tried to gauge each child’s swimming abilities.  The older boys all did exceptionally well with treading water, and I was pleasantly surprised that Chris (who told me he’d never had swimming lessons) was doing a freestyle stroke, then switching fluidly to do a backstroke.  I still need to get the twins in swimming lessons.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the article… it is well worth reading, no matter if you’re a water sprite or not.  😀


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Coleto Creek Reservoir and Park Day

So I have my middle son (Tristan) with us this weekend.  Our family is completely blended this weekend (that makes “our” twins, one of “my” boys, and one of “his” boys).  Hubby’s out of town, and I’ve got four boys at the house.  Eeeeekkkk!  So what does a savvy mom do?  Tire the kids out!!!!  🙂  We spent another day at Coleto Creek.  I love this place!  $8/carload, and the swimming keeps the fights to a minimum, and the fun… well, if not at a maximum, at least up there.  🙂  I really think I need to spend a little money on a Texas State Parks pass, and get free admission year-round.  Discounts on camping are a bonus, and whenever we finally get our RV, that will be the way to go!  Here’s a few of the boys enjoying their day!  🙂

When we got home, I cooked the boys favorite dinner, and they played Mario on the Wii.  All in all, I’d say thumbs-up for this weekend!!  🙂

My son goes back to Dad’s tomorrow for a week or so, until he comes back for 6 weeks for summer (unless he gets picked for All Stars, then we’ll have to delay his trip here).  We go to Florida near the end of this month to pick up hubby’s younger son (Micah), and visit with hubby’s family.  Then we’re back here, home a few days, then off to spend a long weekend with my family at the beach.  I predict a lot of summer, sand, and water this summer!  Just the way I like it!  🙂  Life science, history, geography and other travel lessons will develop naturally from much of that… 🙂


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