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Today’s shopping trip

OK, so we took our first homeschooling shopping trip today.  I’m giving the game room a school decor.  🙂  Since I have 2 that are just learning to read and write, I have posters for handwriting, both regular and cursive, and one that shows how to tell time.  I already had the multiplication tables, and now I have a world map and a US map for the 6th/7th/hopefully soon 8th grader.  🙂  I also bought science stencils, to put a telescope, sun and moon, and more on the walls once I repaint.  I’m pumped.  🙂  I bought sidewalk chalk, because we didn’t go to the actual teacher’s store (the above were Dollar Tree finds), but it was only a dollar, and we’ll make a trip by the teacher’s store next week.

Then we took a trip to the local used book store (my favorite place in the world) and I had to keep the purchases reasonable, so I bought a couple of homeschool books, activity books, and a poetry for kids book.  The twins giggled at the rhyming words as Chris made a selection of his own.  Made me realize I still have a long way to go… need to read out loud every night… starting tonight.  🙂  I’m still learning not to beat myself up over the things I haven’t done, and just start doing them.  And I’m getting more excited by the day about the opportunity to homeschool my children, as I’ve always wanted it.

So… we have the wood lining the hallway for the barely-started playset.  I’m going to go to Sam’s with a list of what’s missing and broken over the weekend… hoping that we can get the pieces we’re missing ordered and shipped by the time my hubby gets home next month, so he can put it together in a day or so.

My daughter (see my other post for update on her) is coming by with her boyfriend tonight to get the rest of her stuff, so we’ll be able to rearrange the bedroom for Chris and get him permanently settled in.

Productive day!  Tomorrow is park day for Victoria homeschoolers, hopefully a trip to the library and Habitat for Humanity store, and then off to pick up Tristan for the weekend.  Hoping to get some painting done, too.


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