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Call for homeschoolers participation

I am writing an article about how homeschoolers use social networking in their educational process.  I would love to interview some other homeschoolers and see how you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Goodreads, Homeschool TV, or any other social network as parents or for the children.  Whether it’s to communicate with other adults, look for homeschooling opportunities, or to get your child(ren) connected with other children around the world, I’d love to hear from you!

Please comment or email me at


to let me know if you’d like to participate.  You do NOT have to be located in Austin, but it will be posted to the Austin Social Networking Examiner.


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Two more defenses of Unschooling

This one is just a quick post to bring you 2 other websites. I just can’t help it, I guess. There’s a reason why I want to unschool, and these are two more sites that explain why almost effortlessly. 😀

Freedom to Learn and Education from the Free Eye.

Hope you enjoy!  😀

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