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What (all) I do… or consolidation vs. diversification

I’ve been thinking a lot about consolidation vs. diversification lately, and wondering which would be better.  🙂  I like diversification, as it opens my possibilities.  But sometimes I feel that my diversification means that I don’t focus enough on one project to really get ahead on that one project.  So I’d love to hear other’s opinions!!!  (Please comment below).  In the meantime, you may be wondering what all I do.  I assume (and yes, I know what that spells, but if you don’t, just check out some past  posts) that you already know I’m a wife, and a homeschooling mom to a large-ish blended family, and a full-time student, so I’ll just touch on my “business interests” for this post.

I’m a local AVON Independent Representative.  This is a new venture for me, and one I’m excited about.  I’ve been in direct sales before, but never with a company that’s been in existence for as long as AVON.  And never one where I personally use the products so frequently. I’m falling in love with the ANEW line!  😀  Oh, and if you’re not local to Victoria, TX, no worries.  You can order through my site and have it shipped direct!!

I’m a writer.  I write freelance for different sources, but focus on my blog (here), and although it’s been neglected lately, my Inked in the South tattoo blog.  I also write for Examiner.com under two different titles (also recently neglected, but I’m about to post several new articles I’ve been working on) under Victoria Tattoo & Piercing Examiner, and Austin Social Networking Examiner.  I’m currently re-working my website (with a local website designer), but I’ll have links to a few other articles of mine online on there once it’s up and running again.

I’m a photographer.  I’m what I’d consider an advanced amateur.  I do take paying gigs (for less than a “professional photographer” charges), if I’m confident that I can do a good job.  I am also really good at re-touching photos (or restoring old photos), so my clients are always happy with my services.  😀  But I continue to practice every chance I get, and I sell landscapes (for large prints, decorations, and such) when I can.  I’ve considered adding pinups/budior, but I need some training and some additional equipment.  In the meantime, I do on-location portraits (including pets), and event photography, in addition to my landscapes.

I also offer temporary staffing to local businesses, and am willing to travel  if it’s at least a week-long job.  Not sure what that means?  Think of temporary office staffing… a receptionist that’s out sick, or a bookkeeper on maternity leave… without the staffing service (and the hefty fee they add on top).  I also offer my services to all kinds of customers, not just office staffing.  I am willing to work in a campground, a retail store, construction site, and more.  I have extensive experience in all kinds of settings (just view my resume on LinkedIn), from a retail cashier to managing large groups of people (perfect for the business owner who needs a vacation, but doesn’t want to shut down their business to take it).

So… that’s what (all) I do.  My problem is that when I’m advertising and/or promoting my services, I really don’t feel that I do justice to them all.  But at the same time, in this economy, I think diversifying is a good thing, at least in theory… just not sure how to put that into practice.  What do you think?  Any recommendations?


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Homeschool Group Park Day

Today was an awesome day!  I got to meet my homeschool group for the first time in person… what an amazing group of ladies, man, and kids!!!  🙂  I’m feeling so good about our decision to homeschool, and not feeling quite so much like I’m floundering… we have time to figure it out!  Chris got to meet several girls, and one boy his age, and the boys played with a little girl their age… and there were a few in between.

We got to the Children’s Park, and there were three buses there.  I was worried, but since I’d made contact with several others about the date, decided to hang out and see if anyone else showed up.  Then the buses really started showing up.  I counted 8 total when a few of us had shown up and were leaving to go to another area of the park.  🙂  My personal “bus” (a ’99 Suburban qualifies, I think) was blocked in.  I made a 9 point turn to back into an empty parking space, then had to wait for a bus to back up so that I could get out.  I think this will be the last conflict with public schools, because I think this is their last Friday.

So we went to the area with the volleyball courts.  The kids had a blast, playing with all of the others… and I had a blast, finally talking with other homeschooling parents.  I’m so self-conscious that often when I’m in a group, people find me to be very quiet.  I should put the disclaimer here… that’s only until they get to know me… 😛  But I really didn’t feel that way today.  Instead, I felt very welcomed and very at ease.  I think many people are finally getting the idea that not all homeschoolers are fundamentalists or survivalists, but just for clarification, every one of the adults that I met today were just everyday people… not a fundamentalist among us.  😛  Out of the group, I’m the newest homeschooling mom, which is great, because I have a wealth of information to draw upon.  I’m also not the only one that homeschools a stepson who goes to visit mom once a month – there’s another (step)mom with that exact same situation, too.  We also have a homeschooling dad in the group.  We’re just a bunch of regular people who felt that it would be best for our children to teach them ourselves.  And I feel like a part of me just clicked into place, excuse the cliche, but like coming home.  So, THIS is where I belong!?!  😀

I hope that we’ll continue our get togethers every Friday, and field trips to accent our learning.  We talked (briefly) about a colonial day and/or Rennaisance day… of course, I’m a total history buff, so I loved the idea.  🙂


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I love our homeschool group!

So, I love our homeschool group, and I haven’t even met anyone yet.  🙂

So far, I have received advice on how to not worry so much about my eclectic curriculum and trust that I will find my way (not to mention I’ll be picking up my ABEKA curriculum in June/July), have found 2 dueling partners (Yu-Gi-Oh!) for my 13 year old – one his age, one a bit younger, several girls that are his age that also homeschool, and several possible playmates for the twins as well.  We’ve scheduled a park day outing (we’ve missed them the last couple of times), passed on a field trip that I would have loved to take but just isn’t in our budget right now, and I’ve found a couple of parents that I can talk to about concerns, worries, and the joys of homeschooling.  🙂

Wow!!!  And I live in a relatively small city!!!

I love my life!

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