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The WAHM Experiment

I’ve started a new blog.  🙂  Not a big shock, right?  I’d actually talked to my husband about this a while back, and he agreed it was a good idea (and hoped that I’d at least make some of the money back that I’ve spent trying on home based businesses…LOL).  Now I hope that you will like the idea, too.

So, I’ve spent the better portion of my adult life trying to find Work at Home businesses that could supplement (and hopefully eventually match) my office job income.  For me, a good portion of those businesses have failed for one reason or another.  Either I’ve lost interest in them, or didn’t put the time into them that I should have… some have just been not a good fit for my personality.  Lately I’ve been reviewing them again, hoping that I can find something that will allow me to stay at home with my kids, and together with that and my blogging, earn a decent income.  While I review so many opportunities, it’s easy to wistfully read the articles and testimonials of those who earn money while they sleep, and forget what I’ve learned through the years.  Yes, I have tried a few of those… in my much younger and slightly more naive years.  🙂  I even (gasp) tried a chain letter once… I think I made $8.  Of course, I spent $40 trying it.  Anyways… my point.  Yes, there was a point.  The point is that with my business sense (developed since the chain letter years, I assure you), I see a lot of these business opportunities that could potentially change someone’s life.  But knowing what I know now, there are certain things that just aren’t a good fit for me.  For you, they may work out great.  I’m a pretty good judge of people most of the time, and I can typically tell the type of person that a particular business opportunity will work for.

So, that’s what The Work At Home Mom Experiment is about.  I’ll do (or have done) the experimenting.  I’ll review the opportunities.  I’ll request the information to start that opportunity.  I’ll interview people who are doing the business.  And I’ll condense it, and report it all back to my loyal readers.  Then, I’ll go a step further, and try to give the reader an idea of the types of people who would do well in this business.  And equally important, the qualities that someone might have that says they might not do so well with this business.  Then the reader can look for something that they might enjoy instead, and NOT have to waste everyone’s time and money trying to do a business that they’re just not “wired” to do.  Make sense?

I’ve found a couple of sites that do this already, but the majority of them are either sales sites for a different business (don’t do business A, do business B), or they are unhappy former consultants who have a need to bash the entire business rather than recognizing that it “just isn’t me”.  Alternatively, they are some subscription-only sites.  The WAHM Experiment isn’t any of those things.  It’s FREE (although there will be advertisements, so please click if they interest you…LOL).  If I have a particular one that requires money to join, I’ll do a post with a ticker asking for donations.  That way, if there are ten people who’d all like to learn more, we can each pitch in a small amount and learn from the review whether it’s worth our time.  But I won’t require any membership fees, and nobody is required to pay anything.

Please be patient with me while I build up the content on the site.  If you are a rep for any company, head on over and leave me a comment, and I’ll interview you if someone’s not ahead of you in the pipeline.  Anyone who is interviewed for a review will receive links back to their online store/site for their time (FREE advertising!!!).  And if you’re looking for a new home-based business?  Well, keep checking back, or comment me and let me know what company you’d like to see reviewed!  🙂

I’m excited that I’ll be able to share this information with everyone, and that it may help someone looking to start their own business find the perfect fit for them!


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What (all) I do… or consolidation vs. diversification

I’ve been thinking a lot about consolidation vs. diversification lately, and wondering which would be better.  🙂  I like diversification, as it opens my possibilities.  But sometimes I feel that my diversification means that I don’t focus enough on one project to really get ahead on that one project.  So I’d love to hear other’s opinions!!!  (Please comment below).  In the meantime, you may be wondering what all I do.  I assume (and yes, I know what that spells, but if you don’t, just check out some past  posts) that you already know I’m a wife, and a homeschooling mom to a large-ish blended family, and a full-time student, so I’ll just touch on my “business interests” for this post.

I’m a local AVON Independent Representative.  This is a new venture for me, and one I’m excited about.  I’ve been in direct sales before, but never with a company that’s been in existence for as long as AVON.  And never one where I personally use the products so frequently. I’m falling in love with the ANEW line!  😀  Oh, and if you’re not local to Victoria, TX, no worries.  You can order through my site and have it shipped direct!!

I’m a writer.  I write freelance for different sources, but focus on my blog (here), and although it’s been neglected lately, my Inked in the South tattoo blog.  I also write for Examiner.com under two different titles (also recently neglected, but I’m about to post several new articles I’ve been working on) under Victoria Tattoo & Piercing Examiner, and Austin Social Networking Examiner.  I’m currently re-working my website (with a local website designer), but I’ll have links to a few other articles of mine online on there once it’s up and running again.

I’m a photographer.  I’m what I’d consider an advanced amateur.  I do take paying gigs (for less than a “professional photographer” charges), if I’m confident that I can do a good job.  I am also really good at re-touching photos (or restoring old photos), so my clients are always happy with my services.  😀  But I continue to practice every chance I get, and I sell landscapes (for large prints, decorations, and such) when I can.  I’ve considered adding pinups/budior, but I need some training and some additional equipment.  In the meantime, I do on-location portraits (including pets), and event photography, in addition to my landscapes.

I also offer temporary staffing to local businesses, and am willing to travel  if it’s at least a week-long job.  Not sure what that means?  Think of temporary office staffing… a receptionist that’s out sick, or a bookkeeper on maternity leave… without the staffing service (and the hefty fee they add on top).  I also offer my services to all kinds of customers, not just office staffing.  I am willing to work in a campground, a retail store, construction site, and more.  I have extensive experience in all kinds of settings (just view my resume on LinkedIn), from a retail cashier to managing large groups of people (perfect for the business owner who needs a vacation, but doesn’t want to shut down their business to take it).

So… that’s what (all) I do.  My problem is that when I’m advertising and/or promoting my services, I really don’t feel that I do justice to them all.  But at the same time, in this economy, I think diversifying is a good thing, at least in theory… just not sure how to put that into practice.  What do you think?  Any recommendations?

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