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Simplifying in 2011

One of my New Year’s plans is to simplify things.  This is a tough one for me, because I have so many interests and I love diversification… but I have decided that one of my simplifications will be moving this blog over to Blogspot, as I have a few others over there as well.  Having everything together in one place will be easier on me, I hope, and I hope that it won’t be too much trouble for you, either.  🙂

In the meantime, I may post a few more things here, and this site will remain up for some time, but please check us out at Making Our Dream Life Happen over at the new site.  There are some exciting changes coming up this year for us, so I hope to see you there!

As always, I enjoy hearing from you, so please check us out, and I hope to see you there!!!

I’m also going to post a quick list of blogs that I have.  Some of these are new, and some have been around but quiet for a while.  I have plans to keep these blogs going, and a plan for regular updates on them.  Please feel free to check them out as well, and drop me a quick line, letting me know that you found me.  🙂

My photography blog.

My photography website.

Inked in the South.

As I said, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back by within a couple of weeks, so feel free to leave me a comment here, but I’ll be checking the new blog daily.  🙂


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Shameless Plug for August :)

Photo of Kim EarleyAs I’m a WAHM, and a professional freelancer, I do many things.  This means I need to tell people what all I do… often.  So this is my “plug” for the month of August.  😀  Please, if you’re seeing this on Facebook, and know of someone who might need my services, please SHARE.  If you think you have a friend or family member that just might want my contact information, please send them to my Facebook site, this blog, or my website.   As a freelancer, I keep my options open, and the more offbeat the assignment seems, the more interested I am.  🙂

My website shows a bit of what I write about.  It is in the midst of a major re-design, but it has contact information and links in abundance.

My business resume is showcased at LinkedIn.  This will give you an idea of what all I have done in the business world, and some of the breadth of my knowledge, as well as the industries I’ve worked in.

Facebook page.  This is more of a contact me page, as I frequently post my articles and links there, but I also post favored quotes, and just chat here.  The advantage is that I’m frequently on Facebook, so I can be contacted quickly through this page.

Although my primary focus is writing, and I write on many subjects (which can all be found in this blog under “My Writing” category in the drop down box on the right, or on my primary website), I also offer many other services.

Some of my recent projects have included:

  • Lender Site Inspection (photography and business report)
  • Articles about tattoos
  • Articles about social networking
  • Articles about money-making ideas (ghost written)
  • One-on-one computer training
  • One-on-one business training (reception and office management skills necessary in the workplace)
  • Temporary Staffing for office and retail

Some projects that I’m currently being considered for include:

  • Group training:  using social media for your business

Offbeat and one-off projects are welcome.  If you’ve got a project that needs to get done, but the people in your organization aren’t sure where to start, or just don’t have the time to complete it, that’s when you call me.  With professionalism and integrity, I can help businesses or individuals in unusual situations.


  • Want to take a week-long cruise, but you own a retail business and need someone to step in and run it while you’re gone?  I can do that.
  • Need a (Texas) Notary Public available on call?  I can do that.
  • Need help getting your new business office organized, policies and procedures in place, and help with hiring new employees?  I can do that.
  • Own a campground and haven’t had a vacation in years because you have no one to look after it while you’re gone?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to come in and teach your employees (or you) how to use social media to benefit their jobs?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to handle the social media for you, so you can focus on your business?  I can do that.
  • Need one-time, basic training on Quickbooks Pro (or Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to come in (or work remotely) once a week and do all of your billing, so you can focus on doing what you’re good at?  I can do that.
  • Need someone to travel to all of your stores within a certain area, taking photographs and reporting back to you on how the stores look?  I can do that.

If you’re looking for affordable help with an excellent skill set, that’s me.  I’ll work with you to create a pricing structure and schedule that fits your needs.  Call today!  Kim three-6-one-7-seven-1-eight-5-five-one.  Or contact me via email at: kimberlyearley ‘at’ yahoo-dot-com.

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Sometimes I really LOVE writing

Some days I really LOVE being a writer.  Other days not so much.  😀  Today’s one of my days that I love it, because I have been wishlisting all kinds of books to review about magic, faeries, and other celtic and folklore.  I also have photography books on there, as well as tattoo books, and more.  Quite an eclectic mix… just like me!!  😀

I started this blog post two weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve finished (for now) my wishlisting, and bought several books with a couple of gift certificates.  They’re slowly trickling in, and I LOVE IT!!!  Just received a reference on folklore, magic, and writing fantasy that I hope will help me re-work my book-in-progress so that I can renew my spark with the characters.  I’m still waiting on several others, and can’t wait until they all come in!

Last night we had a small lesson, driven by the children, that I wanted to share.  We had recently watched Percy Jackson:  The Lightning Thief, and were discussing the ancient gods.  Someone brought witchcraft and paganism into the discussion, and we had an interesting time trying to remember the gods of olde and their stories, as well as clarifying some on what witchcraft and magic truly is about.  My oldest (and only daughter) was here yesterday, too, so she was able to tell what stories she remembers.  I have always been fascinated by and with pagan gods, as well as the craft, and it was fun dispelling some myths, and broadening their horizons.  They seemed very interested in learning more, so I think I’ll be going to the library tomorrow and getting some books on mythology to see what summer learning we can do in our last week of everyone here together.  The stories of Greek Mythology are so much fun, maybe they won’t realize that they are learning, too.  😀

Today hubby and I are going to review Chris’s new curriculum (ABEKA… interesting that the Christian curriculum will come in at the same time that we’re learning ancient Greek Mythology).  Hope to have something concrete, as well as a schedule for him, soon.  He’s not taking the initiative I’d hoped he would to do his schoolwork.  It’s okay, since this is summer, and everyone does need a break.  But I’m also ready to get him back on a schedule of doing his work next month.  He goes to visit his mom for a week next Friday, so hopefully I’ll have a few worksheets for him to do while he’s there, and he can focus a little more.  When he gets back, Tristan will be back at Dad’s, and Micah will only have two weeks left.  Micah’s mom is coming out early August to pick him up, and staying a week to visit and have a vacation.  I’m looking forward to her time here, and really appreciating that our relationship with her is so easy (although it does have it’s issues as well, not nearly as many as there are with some of the “other” parents in our crew).  😀


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Examiner.com – my topics

<==  Austin Social Networking Examiner site – This is where I write all about Social Networking. What applications I use, like, or don’t like, how you can use them to expand your social network (i.e., friends, business associates, etc.), and more. Although they are written with an Austin, TX theme, many articles are useful no matter where you are!

==>  Victoria Tattoo & Piercing Examiner site – This is where I write about all things Tattoo & Piercing related in Victoria, TX (where I live). As with my Austin Social Networking site, although the articles are specifically about Victoria, many of them can be useful in other cities as well… such as the article titled Learning the Language of Tattoos in Victoria, which is a definition of terms commonly used in tattoo studios.

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