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Illinois Trip Day 1

We left today (Wednesday), and spent the night with my sister and her family in Dallas.  We really didn’t make any stops along the way, except for dinner, as this is a trip that we’re really familiar with.  We drove up Hwy 77, which is a gorgeous drive, and then hopped over to 35 in Waco.  From there, we made our way to my sister’s house.

I half-jokingly remarked that I’d kind of forgotten about driving in Dallas as two cars flew past me while I was cruising at 70 on Hwy 75.  🙂  I remember that driving in Dallas tests your aggressiveness factor, so I stepped up the speed and stayed in my lane until the exit.

As we’d had a bit of a delay getting started, we arrived about 8:30pm.  We spent a couple of hours talking with my sister and brother-in-law… things are going pretty well for them, and I’m really glad.  Jack was a cutie, and he and the twins were running around (and getting yelled at by the adults to stop running…lol) almost instantly.  I cuddled and played with Davis while we talked.  Around 10:30, everyone called it a night and we headed off to bed.  We were up around 7am the next morning, getting ready and trying to stay out of Kris & John’s way while they went about their daily routines.  🙂  We left there around 9am, after a brief moment of panic when I had locked my phone and my sunglasses in the house.  😛

More on Day 2 of the trip tomorrow… 🙂


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